Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Alumni

2021 Graduate

Dr. Joshua Ahier

Post fellowship, Dr. Ahier moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he is working in private practice.

2020 Graduate

Dr. Geena Wu

Post residency, Dr. Wu moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she is working at Kaiser Permanente.

2019 Graduate

Dr. Charles Smoot

Post residency, Dr. Smoot moved to San Antonio, Texas, where he is continuing his military service and will be working at a VA hospital.

2018 Graduate

Dr. David Pantino

Post residency, Dr. Pantino moved to Bangor, Maine, where he is working in private practice.

2017 Graduate

Dr. Zachary Baker

Post residency, Dr. Baker moved to Salisbury, Maryland, where he is working in private practice.

2016 Graduate

Dr. Mark Meyer

Post residency, Dr. Meyer moved to Florida where he is working in private practice.

2014 Graduate

Dr. Nicole Sydow

Post residency, Dr. Sydow accepted a postion here at University of Arizona's Department of Surgery, where she worked as a clinical instructor for a year. She then went into private practice in Northern Arizona.

2013 Graduate

Dr. Brian Madigan

Post residency, Dr. Madigan has been at the Southern Arizona Veteran's Hospital. He is a faculty affiliate of the Department of Surgery here at the University of Arizona.

2012 Graduate

Dr. Adam Hansen

2011 Graduate

Dr. Aleem Siddique

Post residency, Dr. Siddique traveled to London, where he spent a year working overseas in the healthcare system before returning to the US and joining Dr. Michael Mouton's (former director of the Thoracic Surgery Program here at the University of Arizona) practice in Omaha, Nebraska.