Department Recognitions

We take great pride in recognizing the remarkable contributions of our Department of Surgery faculty, APPS, fellows, residents, and staff. From delivering exceptional patient care to advancing cutting-edge research and education, they exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and compassion. Each member of our team plays a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare, and we are profoundly grateful for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions. 

The following recognitions are submitted by patients, department partners, and colleagues. 

Featured Recognitions





5/2/24  |  Jay Abdelsattar, MD

"We know that you strive every day to ensure our patients get the best care possible, and it was noticed!! You were mentioned in this week's patient experience survey: 'Dr. Abdelsattar is exceptional; he carefully and thoroughly explained everything, took the time to make sure all my questions were answered, and provides excellent care at each visit. I am grateful to have him as my surgeon.' On behalf of the OSL Leadership Team, thank you for all you do and for having such a positive impact on our patient's experience at UACC!!

5/2/24  |  Lusine Mesropyan, DO, MA

"I found Dr. Mesropyan's caring, direct, and kind manner reassuring during an anxious time. Her explanations left me with no questions and grateful to have a plan of action which she had already placed in action with immediate blood work. Thank you, Dr. Lusine Mesropyan!"

5/2/24  |  Philip Rosen, MD, FACS

"Dr. Rosen is the best."

5/2/24  |  Sujata Saha, MD

"Dr. Saha was very professional and she knows her specialty very well. She explained the procedure in clear and concise terms that made me feel comfortable about the process."

5/2/24  |  Stephanie Worrell, MD, FACS

"Dr. Worrell was my surgeon for cancer surgery and I’m here to tell you it worked. The whole team was very professional and treated me like family. I am very grateful for all that they did. So is my wife."


3/28/24  |  Taylor Riall, MD, PhD, FACS

"Everyone was courteous and on time. Dr Riall really impressed me as to her knowledge of the condition I have. I look forward to her treatment for this condition." 

"Thank you for building trust with this patient and helping him leave his visit confident he is in good hands. We appreciate your dedication to excellent patient care and positive patient experiences."

3/7/24  |  Mohammad Khreiss, MD, FACS, FSSO

"I feel like my entire team has been astonishing! I have great people on my team and feel really good about this surgery. Dr. Khreiss explained everything and answered all my questions."

3/6/24  |  Marlon Guerrero, MD, FACS

"Dr. Guerrero has restored my faith in the medical profession. My experience with him was 100% positive; I didn't know doctors like him existed anymore... I am very pleased with Dr. Guerrero. He was kind and patient!"

3/6/24  |  Stephanie Worrell, MD, FACS

"We know that you strive every day to ensure our patients get the best care possible, and it was noticed!! You were mentioned in this week's patient experience survey: 'Dr. Worrell and her staff were just absolutely great!' On behalf of the OSL Leadership Team, thank you for all you do and for having such a positive impact on our patient's experience at UACC!!”

3/5/24  |  Jennifer Erdrich, MD, MPH, MFA, FACS, FSSO

"Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my mother-in-law. The time you spent with her, your explanations, and kindness put her at ease and made a scary day much brighter for her. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done and we feel blessed that you are leading her care team! Thank you for everything."


2/16/24  |  David Neal, MD, FACS

"Banner South is wonderful!"

2/16/24  |  Andrew Nejad, MD

"The Doctor came highly recommended as the best surgeon for my condition."

2/16/24  |  Marc Matthews, MD, FACS

"Since joining the burn team your daily impact has been palpable. The wisdom and commitment to excellence that you bring to our patients and this team has been felt by all. Above all else, your empathy as a leader shines through in every interaction you have within these walls. You are appreciated beyond measure, sir. Thank you for all that you do."

2/9/24  |  Stanley Okosun, MD, MS, FACS

"Great. Friendly. Talented."

2/7/24  |  Philip Rosen, MD, FACS

""Dr. Rosen gave me a lot of information to prepare for my next step."

2/7/24  |  Meghan Good, MD

""Dr. Good was thorough, informative, and professional."


2/16/24  |  Rebecca Humpal, FNP

"Ms. Humpal is competent, kind, thorough, perceptive. I would gladly have her work in my office if I were still in practice."


2/5/24  |  Devin O'Connor, MD

"Dr. O'Connor is a terrific asset to the trauma team. He is constantly looking for ways to help out in the ER Trauma bay, including help with catheters, moving beds and patients, and help with holding altered trauma patients. He is always calm and kind to patients and staff. Whenever staff have questions or concerns, he patiently listens and does what he can to address them. I hope Dr O'Connor will stay on our team here in Tucson!"


2/16/24  |  Patricia Delgado, Desiree Sagasta, Susan Bravo, Suzana Ballesteros and Crystal Garcia

"The Doctor visit was ahead of schedule. Staff was very helpful."

"Banner South- specifically South! - is wonderful, always be treated with care and courtesy. The staff made an almost unbearable experience the best that it could have been."

2/2/24  |  Ellie Killian

"Thank you for making our division strong and trying to make it work for everyone. I don’t know how you do it. You are someone everyone relies on. Cannot appreciate you enough."


1/23/24  |  Nova Foster, MD, FACS

"Every time Dr. Foster walks into my room, I exhale. She calms me with her presence and confidence."

"I felt great leaving there. I’m not afraid or fearful anymore. My sons called me and I told them they don’t have anything to worry about. I’m glad I picked Dr. Foster. I’m glad I picked Banner! Right now, I’m playing a game and I’m finally winning again. I’m so, so relaxed now! I’m looking forward to my surgery! Banner is the best thing that has happened to me! I got all these answers in less than an hour! All my fears were taken care of. My fears were at 10 and now they are way down below 0. If anyone ever has cancer, I’m going to recommend Dr. Foster and her team is awesome! You guys are the best. The best experience for someone who has the “C”. I was a scared little puppy and came out like a well-groomed adult dog."

1/15/24  |  Toshinobu Kazui, MD, FACS

"Thank you for saving my husband, Steve's, life. We are so incredibly grateful for your care"

1/9/24  |  James Warneke, MD, FACS

"Dr. Warneke and staff were excellent. Dr. Warneke saw me right away!"

"The OSL team would like to thank Dr. Warneke for all you do, and for being an amazing team member for our patients!"

1/6/24  |  Christina Colosimo, DO, MS

"I had the privilege of working with Dr. Colosimo on Jan. 5th. Working with her was an absolute delight. It is clear her patient's are her number one priority. She offered to come back during rounds to do a dressing change when physical therapy was being completed. She has a busy schedule as a physician, but still made it a point to offer. Through out my shift I seen her round on my patient specifically 2 other times, which is not typical from an attending. Dr. Colosimo is truly asset to the SICU team and we appreciate her kindness and commitment to patient care."


1/16/24  |  Angelina Price, NNP

"[Recognizing] for elevating the pediatric surgical care for complex kids!"


1/23/24  |  Mazin Adbalgadir, MBBS

"So many questions were answered after this clinic appointment. My resident was awesome!”

1/13/24  |  Maya El Ghouayel, MD

"You’re such an incredible team member. Your dedication, kindness, and positivity radiate well beyond what I see and hear every time our paths cross. On behalf of the team and the patients at South Campus, thank you!"


1/24/24  |  Jolene Kiekbusch

"You have been an integral part of the healthy relationship between BUMCT and ambulatory coding. You not only are there for the BUMCT providers but also for the coding team. You are always willing to not just support but teach. I thank you so much for all the amazing collaboration over the years."