Vascular Surgery Residency Program

The major goal of our training program is to produce well-rounded vascular surgeons in all aspects of vascular surgery. To obtain this goal, our program provides incremental, progressive training in core surgery and vascular surgery during the five year program, focusing on areas that will be critically important to the needs of a practicing vascular specialist.  Our rotations include 24 months of core surgery, including dedicated rotations on transplant, surgical oncology and cardiothoracic surgery. In addition,  residents complete 36 months of vascular surgery, including imaging rotations with radiology and with our accredited non-invasive vascular laboratory.

Our program offers a blend of university, private and VA settings to obtain comprehensive vascular surgery training.  The diversity of the teaching faculty across these settings exposes the resident to a broad case mix.  We have three teaching sites: (1) Banner University Medical Center - Tucson, (2) Tucson Medical Center, a community-based hospital, (3) and also the Southern Arizona VA Hospital.

A unique aspect of the UA Vascular Surgery Residency Program is our association with Dr. David Armstrong and Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA). SALSA is a collaborative clinical and research alliance dedicated to advancing care of the diabetic foot and preventing amputations in North America and worldwide.

In addition, our ICAVL accredited Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory is located in the outpatient clinic.  Upon completion of our program, vascular residents will be able to demonstrate the ability to accurately interpret non-invasive laboratory studies.  This experience includes the range and number of non-invasive studies to allow a vascular resident graduate to sit for the Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) certification.

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