Cerebral Vascular Disease and Stroke Prevention

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the United States, but it is estimated that 80 percent of strokes are preventable. Many strokes can be prevented by medical treatment of risk factors and vascular surgery is the primary specialty that treats carotid artery plaques to prevent stroke.

Plaque build up in the carotid artery can lead to TIA (mini stroke) or stroke. For stroke prevention, we offer treatment for severe carotid narrowing in patients without clinical symptoms or for those with moderate to severe narrowing who are experiencing clinical symtpoms. Our division are known expertises on both carotid surgery and carotid stenting, as well as national and internationally recognized research on carotid disease.

Patients with vertebral arteries narrowing may notice vertigo (room spins), dizziness (there are many causes of dizziness, vertebral artery narrowing is an uncommon cause), and fainting. This constellation of symptoms is called vertebral insufficiency. Vascular surgery is the primary specialty that treats narrowing in the vertebral arteries.


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