Trauma & Critical Care Services

Burn Care Program
The Burn Care Program provides treatment and follow up for adult and pediatric patients with minor to severe burns. Level-I Trauma Center surgeons work closely with a strong, multidisciplinary team to provide outstanding care to each burn patient.

Educational Programs
The Division of Trauma, Critical Care, Burn, and Emergency Surgery at the University of Arizona offers a number of continuing education courses and certifications for professionals working in critical care. Our classes are geared toward trauma surgeons, nurses, and EMS professionals, among others.

Elective General Surgery
Our trauma surgeons perform more than two thousand general surgery operations each year. These cases range from lipoma excisions to complex abdominal wall hernias and reconstruction. We are the referral center for many hospitals in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and even northern Mexico.

Emergency Surgery Program
Surgeons in the Division of Trauma perform emergency surgery whenever needed. Complex emergency surgery is frequently necessary for acute appendicitis, perforated peptic ulcer disease, an incarcerated or strangulated intestine, or abdominal wall reconstruction.

Level-I Trauma Program
As the only Level-1 Trauma Center in Southern Arizona, our highly trained trauma team remains poised for immediate response 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The team is led by a trauma surgeon who is immediately available 24 hours a day with access to subspecialist surgeons as well as emergency medicine physicians, trauma nurses, and therapists.

Surgical Critical Care
Patients who have experienced trauma or undergone emergency or major surgery, such as an organ transplant, often require close and intensive monitoring. Our state-of-the-art 20-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed especially for patients who need extra attention.

Telemedicine Program
Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications and information technology to support delivery of health care at a distance. A related term "telepresence" refers to being virtually present in real time. The truest and most successful telepresence creates an environment that mimics flawless motion, audio, and video transmission.

Trauma Outreach & Injury Prevention
The Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Burns, and Acute Care Surgery actively works in our communities to reduce and prevent injuries and the need for emergency medical care and to further the knowledge and skills of care providers.