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Dr. Myra Adele Logan

7 Black surgeons who've shaped medicine throughout history

By: Jude Sotelo | February 8, 2022

Every February we come together to honor Black History Month and the many accomplishments the African American community has contributed to our history. To celebrate this month, the Department of Surgery would like to acknowledge and remember past and current Black surgeons that have made an impact on the field of medicine.

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A child and an adult cook on the stovetop

National Burn Awareness Week 2022

By: Olivia Miltner | February 6, 2022

The American Burn Association's Burn Awareness Week is an opportunity to build burn awareness and prevention in our communities. This year, the NBAW 2022 theme is Burning Issues in the Kitchen!

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Three kidney transplants and 43 years later, Bruce Byrd lives and loves life

By: Olivia Miltner | January 24, 2022

Bruce Byrd credits medical breakthroughs and teams like the B-UMCT Kidney and Pancreas Transplant team with keeping him alive for 43 years through three kidney transplants.

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