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Dr. Bellal Joseph

Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Bellal Joseph

By: Maddie Russo | November 14, 2019

Growing up as a first-generation American with Lebanese parents, Dr. Bellal Joseph has endured his fair share of challenges: passive-aggressive jokes, explicit biases toward his Arab origin, and feeling like an outsider at times. But his experience has also instilled in him the motivation to work hard and effect change. Read his story in the latest Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight.

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Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Erdrich

By: Maddie Russo | October 14, 2019

Straddling two very different cultural worlds as a result of her dual European and Native American heritage, Dr. Jennifer Erdrich was able to use her unique background to better serve her community and build bridges among two often disconnected groups. Check out the latest Diversity & Inclusion feature to learn how Dr. Erdrich's perspective shapes her career interests and care philosophy.

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Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Andrew Tang

By: Maddie Russo | September 11, 2019

Dr. Andrew Tang's journey took him from a fairly homogenous society in China to multiple American cities with diverse ethnic and cultural compositions. While navigating an unknown culture with a language barrier was once his biggest challenge, it has, over time, become his biggest strength. Learn about Dr. Tang's experience and how his diversity has helped him succeed in both medicine and life.

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