Quick Snips: Physician Spotlight

Dr. Marlon Guerrero, associate professor and vice chair of quality and performance, University of Arizona Department of Surgery

Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Marlon Guerrero

Dr. Marlon Guerrero grew up in an underserved neighborhood in Ecuador and immigrated to San Francisco when he was eight years old. In his Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight, he discusses how the challenges he faced fuel his daily resiliency and have instilled in him a passion for mentorship of aspiring surgeons from backgrounds under-represented in surgery.

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Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Marion Henry

A female military surgeon who studied religion as an undergraduate and trained outside of the military system, pediatric surgeon Dr. Marion Henry has always done things a little differently. While some might raise their eyebrows, her unique background is exactly what has lead to her success and made her realize the importance of diversity in medicine. Read about Dr. Henry's journey in this Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight.

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Dr. Valentine Nfonsam, interim division chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of Arizona Department of Surgery

Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight: Dr. Valentine Nfonsam

Originally hailing from a small town in Cameroon, Dr. Valentine Nfonsam has had his fair share of experiences and challenges: traveling the world, overcoming the limitations of a poor socioeconomic background, and navigating cultural environments vastly different from his own. Through it all, he's remained a beacon of positivity who lives and champions diversity. Read his story in the latest Diversity and Inclusion spotlight.

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