Quick Snips: Physician Spotlight

Gloved hand holding a vaccine against a light blue background

Why I Got Vaccinated

Still have qualms about getting your COVID vaccine? Our surgeons are here to share why they chose to get vaccinated and to help clear up some of the misconceptions.

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Dr. James Wiseman in front of a Team Rubicon Disaster Response banner

Out of Scrubs and Into a Gray Shirt

This month, military surgeon Dr. James Wiseman went on a different kind of deployment: helping administer the COVID vaccine to the Tucson community as a volunteer with disaster relief organization Team Rubicon. Learn more about Dr. Wiseman's experience and how you can help COVID-19 vaccination efforts, too.

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A Surgeon without Hands: The 50 Year Adventure of Dr. Marlys Witte

One of the few surgeons "without hands," Dr. Marlys Witte's career has been full of firsts and notable moments: developing the first grant-funded Medical Student Research Program, conducting research on the international stage, and pioneering the field of lymphology, just to name a few. In honor of her 50th anniversary with the DoS, read about Dr. Witte's unique and adventurous career and what it means to be a surgeon without hands.

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