Quick Snips: Community Outreach

Dr. Myra Adele Logan

7 Black surgeons who've shaped medicine throughout history

By: Jude Sotelo | February 8, 2022

Every February we come together to honor Black History Month and the many accomplishments the African American community has contributed to our history. To celebrate this month, the Department of Surgery would like to acknowledge and remember past and current Black surgeons that have made an impact on the field of medicine.

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Dr. Klearchos Papas

Health Sciences Researchers Close In on Diabetes Solution

By: Olivia Miltner | November 18, 2021

Hunting for decades, Drs. Klearchos Papas, Robert Johnson and Tom Loudovaris help develop a bio-artificial pancreas at UArizona Health Sciences.

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Dr. Jennifer Erdrich

UArizona Health Sciences Study Identifies Breast Cancer Treatment Disparities Among Native American, Indigenous Women

By: Olivia Miltner | November 9, 2021

A study by UArizona Health Sciences researchers found American Indian and Alaska Native women with early-stage breast cancer had a higher percentage of mastectomy and a lower percentage of lumpectomy than white women.

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