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B-UMCT Hospital

Banner - University Medical Center Tucson earns pancreas designation

By: Olivia Miltner | September 20, 2022

Outstanding, caring and innovative pancreatic treatment available in Tucson.

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Dr. Castanon, Ms. Naughton, and Dr. Joseph

Banner — University Medical Center Tucson’s Burn Center receives patient care and training grant

By: Olivia Miltner | May 17, 2022

Banner — University Medical Center Tucson’s Burn Center was recently awarded more than $87,000 to enhance its inpatients and outpatient care and augment training to bring the best of wound care to Southern Arizona.

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Study Shows Amputation, Hospitalization Rates Fell Among Minorities Following Medicaid Expansion

By: Olivia Miltner | May 5, 2022

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act led to fewer diabetic foot amputations among underserved adults, according to a new study.

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