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Wireless smart bandage provides new insights on healing chronic wounds

By: Olivia Miltner | November 28, 2022

Research from the Gurtner Lab recently published in Nature Biotechnology explores a new type of bandage that combines wireless electrical stimulation and biosensors to bring hope to patients with slow-to-heal injuries.

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Cranium of adult male circa1000–1400 AD

Surgery and Native American Medicine

By: Jude Sotelo | November 23, 2022

Native American Heritage Month is celebrated every November to commemorate and recognize the present and past cultures, histories, technologies, and contributions of the original people of the Americas. In addition, we would like to recognize the many, often overlooked, innovations made by Indigenous tribes regarding medicine and the practice of surgery.

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Ben Litmanovich, MS2

National Veterans and Military Families Month Spotlight: MS2 Ben Litmanovich

By: Olivia Miltner | November 22, 2022

Meet Ben Litmanovich, a second year medical student at the College of Medicine – Tucson. Litmanovich separated from the Air Force as a technical sergeant after nine years, culminating in a year-long deployment in various leadership roles during the COVID-19 response in New England. Currently, he conducts research with the Gurtner lab and Dr. Bellal Joseph within the Department of Surgery, aspiring to practice in the field of reconstructive surgery and/or trauma surgical critical care.

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