About the Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery follows the principles of people first, leadership at all levels, relentless transparency and generative solutions. The opportunities for growth in all missions with the partnership between the University of Arizona and Banner University Medicine Division will accelerate our progress toward our goals while providing a nimbleness to respond to the changing healthcare environment. This partnership places us on the leading edge of the value proposition as we work tirelessly to improve the care and outcomes for our patients.


We are the University of Arizona, Department of Surgery, the place where people want to be. Our surgeons’ cutting edge expertise is sought after throughout the world. Every day we center our focus on people; building patient relationships, fostering collegial collaborations and mentoring the next generations of surgeons and physicians. Our focus on putting people first is what makes their experiences throughout the Department of Surgery extraordinary.


  • We are intentional about our culture. We are transparent, we collaborate, and we are united in our keystone goal of being the place where people want to be. We work together through successes and failures to better all members within our department.
  • Every one of us is relentless in our quest to provide exceptional patient and family experiences. Our patients, faculty and staff recommend us to their family and friends.
  • We embrace the privilege of educating and training the next generation of exceptional surgeons and physicians. Our graduates are heavily recruited throughout the country.
  • We expand medical knowledge. We cultivate collaborative investigators, progressing from innovative ideas to real life solutions.
  • We are financially sound, ensuring our ability to reinvest in the future of our department.
  • We love being a part of the Southern Arizona community – and the community loves us.