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The Division of Otolaryngology in the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona (UA) provides care for people suffering from illnesses of the head and neck. Our faculty are highly trained in their specialty areas to deliver the most advanced medical and surgical care available. We were recently ranked the 30th best Otolaryngology program in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.  The Division has 3 basic goals:

  • To provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients in Arizona and the Southwest United States with conditions of the ear, nose, face and throat
  • To continue to be leaders in the education of patients and physicians
  • To continue to be leaders in the development and research of the latest treatments, procedures and diagnoses for head and neck cancer and conditions of the ear, nose, face and throat

Surgical & Medical Care for the Ear, Nose, Face & Throat

Our team of board-certified otolaryngologists work closely with other medical and surgical specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of otolaryngic conditions to provide comprehensive patient care.

We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary, up-to-the-minute surgical and medical care for patients with all types of head and neck disorders. Our clinical programs focus on:

  • Cancers of the nose, sinuses and skull base (oncology)
  • Cancers of the face, throat, neck and ears (oncology)
  • Sinus and allergy disorders
  • Sinonasal and skullbase tumors
  • Voice, airway and swallowing disorders
  • Pediatric otolaryngology
  • Anterior and lateral skull base surgery
  • Hearing and balance disorders
  • Smell and taste dysfunction
  • Sleep apnea

We also specialize in the latest in cosmetic procedures for the face, including revision rhinoplasties, facelifts and reconstructive surgeries following treatments for cancers of the face.


Why Choose Us

Expertise & Progressive Medicine

Our fellowship-trained faculty members have previous experience at the top otolaryngology programs in the country and have been international leaders in modern robotic and endoscopic surgical technologies.

In addition to expertise in diagnosing and caring for adults and children with common otolaryngologic diseases, they also bring subspecialty expertise and innovation in treating complex conditions.

Because we are actively involved in laboratory, translational (bench-to-bedside) and clinical research and developing the next generation of therapies, we can offer patients a wide spectrum of the most up-to-date treatment options available. We are also currently building our program expertise and excellence by recruiting even more nationally renowned otolaryngologists.

Contact Us - Academic Affairs Only

The University of Arizona Department of Surgery
Division of Otolaryngology
1501 N. Campbell Avenue
P O Box 245074
Tucson, AZ 85724
Phone:  (520) 626-6673
Fax: (520) 626-6995

Contact Us - Clinic

1501 N. Campbell Avenue, 5th floor OPC
Tucson, Arizona 85724
Phone: (520) 694-1000
Fax: (520) 694-0114

Patient Information

Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment

If you are seeking the best medical care in Tucson, Southern Arizona or the Southwest for conditions of the ear, nose, face or throat, please make an appointment by calling the appropriate number below:

Otolaryngology Clinic Appointments:     (520) 694-1000
Referring physicians – Physician Resource Line:        (520) 694-5868
Otolaryngology Business Office – Academic Affairs Only:  (520) 626-6673


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