The University of Arizona
Department of Surgery

Friends of the University of Arizona Trauma Center

A group of community leaders (among those on the list below) were gathered at the Arizona Inn the evening of Monday, January 10, 2011 for a social event.  Dress code for the night: little black dress and pearls – it was quite a group. 

That same evening, Trauma Division Chief Dr. Peter Rhee and his wife Emily, along with the Associate Chief of Trauma, Dr. Randy Friese, chose to host Pentagon physicians, there to assess the condition of victims of the January 8th shooting – at the same Tucson landmark.

When Drs. Rhee and Friese passed the gathering, the group gave surgeons a spontaneous standing ovation for their work.  Later, the group asked Dr. Rhee how they could help him.  Always cool and collected under pressure, Dr. Rhee responded that the Trauma Division needed private support to continue its work and to grow. As a result, the original core group formed the Friends of the University of Arizona Trauma Center.  

Donations of $500 within a 12-month period qualifies you to be a Friend. 

Founding Members of Friends of UA Trauma

  Jacqueline Agers
Monica Akyol
Laura W. Brown
Marguerite Brown
Ginny Clements
Sasha Erickson
Megan Escobar
DeeAnne Gibbons
Doby Hillenbrand
Susan W. Kornhaber
Czarina Lopez
Lorraine Mackstaller, M.D.
Sandra C. Maxfield
Judy Ovitt
Emily Rhee
Judy Smedes
Louise Thomas
Amy Zuckerman

Additional Members as of August 25, 2011

  Florence Adamson
Kathy Askren
Paul and Alice Baker
Susan F. Berger
David J. Berwick
Donald V. Budinger
Richard H. Carmona
Shirley J. Chann
Jerrold and Shauna Cohen
Luis Dabdoub
Maritza De Dabdoub
Cathy G. Davis
Juanita De Avila
Donal Drayne
Robyn Emmerson
William and Mary Ross Foundation 
Nina and Nick Gibson   
Paulette Gootter 
Patti Harpst 
Michael and Beth Kasser
Adaline Klemmedson
Ruth Lemole
Elaine Litvach
Linda K. Lohse
Carlos and Esther Michan
Georgann M. Munic
Judy B. Myers
Mary L. Peachin
Sally Perks
Nancy G. Rodolph
Harriet Silverman
Bunny Simon
Sarah Smallhouse
Susan J. Unger
Suzette H. Valenzuela
Anne Vandenberg
Mary D. Weinstein 
Angela Weir
Jane E. Wienke
Karen L. Young 
Mel and Enid Zuckerman