Male Voiding Dysfunction & Reconstructive Surgery

Male voiding dysfunction can include many problems including the need to urinate too frequently, difficulty urinating from an enlarged prostate, urinary leakage from a prior surgery or other condition, and urethral stricture disease. These problems require expert evaluation and treatment. Our surgeons are leaders with many years of experience and specialized training in this area. Our evaluation includes the use of the latest diagnostic tools and equipment in order to carefully establish the correct diagnosis.

What Sets Us Apart

When surgery is necessary for urethral stricture disease or for incontinence issues, our surgeons are among the few that can routinely perform these complex reconstructive surgeries. This ensures that you will receive the best available care. 

Consider the following when making your health care decisions:

  • Less than 7 percent of all urologists perform these complex surgeries; our faculty have advanced training specifically in the area of urethral reconstruction
  • We routinely perform all forms of urethral reconstruction and are a referral center from all urologists in the Southwest United States.

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